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Power consumption is too high, and I really cannot fix it.  XML
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Joined: 07/02/2017 17:58:08
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I wish there was at least a single and clear, official example that proves that these board can be really low power, while illustrating all the peripheral that are onboard.

There are a lot of posts around unexpected power consumption, so it would benefit many people (btw the product page is so much of a mess...).

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why I never was able to achieve less than 1mA on a Mini-WirelessHW-433Mhz... until I realized it git MUCH better when I fed 3.3V to the VIN pin instead of directly to VCC.

I had read all the posts of the forum and even unsoldered some pullups (that Rick told would go, but they are still on the boards I recently purchased). It did not change much, but feeding 3V max on VCC but anything higher through VIN made a big improvement (this is somehow counter intuitive to me as the regulator should make it worse, not better?!)

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Joined: 30/05/2014 22:08:56
Messages: 93

Hi Jeremie,

Thanks for your post.
Yes, 1mA is way too much. What did you find upon changing to VIN instead of VCC?
Seems like the LDO regulator might play a roll in that affect

Thanks also for your feedback, as you're right, we certainly need to do some updates.

That resistor was excluded from the assembly profile, so it should no longer be present on current builds.
(I will check to verify this is being done properly).

Also, please look at the Memory register settings and usage for: Active, Standby, and Deep Power-Down Modes.
It seems to me you are already looking into MCU settings, but memory settings are also an important consideration.

Very interested to hear more of your progress and findings.
Best Regards,


Joined: 08/02/2016 06:58:11
Messages: 2

My boards (Mini-WirelessHW-915Mhz) sleep at 23 uA.

You need to put the radio, spi flash and atmel to sleep.

See: http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/25/39.page#2886

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Joined: 19/10/2015 17:21:10
Messages: 32

Hello all.

I have 10 Anarduino MCU. I bought them in different time.
Some older MCU have that resistor that we need to de-solder for lower power consumption, some MCU are newer and already without this resistor.
I use all of these MCU in one project and I flushed all with the same firmware that put radio, spi, memory and atmel to sleep.
But every MCU show different power consumption.
And I never get power consumption less that 110uA even without any connected sensors etc.
If you take a look at this forum you will see that I post a lot of questions about power consumption in Anarduino.

The last try was a year ago when I decided ask these questions to Rick.
Unfortunately no answer.

So now I know at least one thing - all of my Anarduino's are different in terms of power consumption and I can't do more to fix it.
I wich that it will be fixed sometime, because I like this MCU, but now I need to find another MCU with LoRa module that will be better in power consumption.

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Joined: 19/10/2015 17:21:10
Messages: 32

chris wrote:My boards (Mini-WirelessHW-915Mhz) sleep at 23 uA.

You need to put the radio, spi flash and atmel to sleep.

See: http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/25/39.page#2886

I have only one Mini-WirelessHW-915Mhz which also sleep with the same current - about 20uA.
The others MCU sleep with >100uA with the same code.

I desoldered MEM chip and RTC chip - without changes - current in sleep the same 115uA or 0.10mA
I think issue with LDO but I can't bypass it and desolder it - I need use LiPo battery because of my sensors.

Probably setting all of unused pins to some right state (for example - OUTPUT and LOW) should help, but my research in this way does't success. I'm not sure which pins should be in what state.
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