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Announcing LowPower Series Anarduino Products  XML
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Author Message

Joined: 30/05/2014 22:08:56
Messages: 93

Hello everyone,

Okay, here's an update on low power testing of these these new series. Well, I've stated the quiescent current should be less than 50nA.
I wrote code to cycle the new MW to run 5sec on / hibernate, and hooked 4 boards in parallel and measured.
The first result shows combined current of 1.2uA for ALL four in hibernation together, which is about 300nA per board---still way too high.
so I'm going to review everything and do further testing, as in theory I believe this circuit should get down under 50nA.
So it looks like the product is finally about ready to go. Here's a view one of the panels hot out of the oven.
Next week I will begin formally offering these for sale.

Three products shown above are:
1) TLogger (now with SMA per another customer suggestion)
2) MiniWireless-HW (for RFM69W and HW series)
3) MiniWireless-BP (for RFM23BP series)
LoRa and several others now in the works as well...

Best Regards,

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Joined: 26/07/2014 06:39:50
Messages: 11


This is a great news. I'm still wondering what kind of voodoo magic you used to have consumption so low (50nA whoooo). I'm impatient to see schematics

Just one question, may be I missed something, but if all 4 nodes in parallel in hibernation consume 1.2µA total, may be I'm wrong but this means each consume 1.2µA/4 so 300nA.

Joined: 30/05/2014 22:08:56
Messages: 93

OMG.. yes of course 300nA is correct. I edited my post accordingly. Well, I must not have configured this properly, as this circuit should get below 50nA per board--will have to re-examine.

It's not voodoo at all, but rather simple, and will make total sense when you see it. I'll get around to posting the schematic once these things start shipping.
Will follow-up again with more thorough test later, as I have better test equipment in the office.

I really appreciate your post, although it's quite embarrassing having posted such a ridiculously obvious error...

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Joined: 26/01/2015 08:09:51
Messages: 1

Any new about these boards?

I'd like to buy some...

Joined: 30/10/2014 20:31:44
Messages: 3

I too would like to purchase these boards.

When will they be avaliable?

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Joined: 30/05/2014 22:08:56
Messages: 93

They are available now, please email me if you want to purchase.
I just need to update the website and infrastructure for sales and support
(which I am working on now, and expect it to be online this coming week).

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Joined: 01/06/2015 16:34:27
Messages: 2

Any idea when these will be avalible on the site? If its still needed to email you with the orders could you give us a quick cost breakdown, they look very interesting!

Joined: 15/09/2015 09:11:14
Messages: 1

These are looking great, even after a year of announcement

Are these products still planned to be available in the webshop, or should we better not count on its availability this year?

Joined: 24/09/2015 21:41:45
Messages: 1

Yes also I have tired to contact you many times and have not gotten any reply. So where do we contact you at?

Joined: 29/09/2015 06:19:42
Messages: 2

Another vote for more information on these modules. At least give us some method to order them! I have tried the contact page several times to no avail. It appears to be directly linked to the bit bucket...


Joined: 30/05/2014 22:08:56
Messages: 93

My apologies for the long overdue response, I've been doing lots of international travel.

We actually have hundreds of these devices available, and I've sold many privately.
These are of excellent quality, and have amazing hibernation capability. The gating factor for release has been trying to make time to build support pages with documentation and examples.
Due to the nature of this design capability, it is important to be diligent in the usage of hibernation techniques, and it is not as simple as the basic arduino type devices.
My primary concern being: if I release without stellar support docs, I would end up simply overwhelmed fielding support questions, and helping beginners to understand and use.
I've also utilized lots of these in a few of my own projects, so I can personally vouch for them.

Okay, that being said... are there any of you brilliant engineers out there, who would be interested to assist me in putting together some demos and support docs.
I can provide these for same cost as regular MW-HW, and we can work out some sort of compensation arrangement.
I'll provide functional docs and specs, and some working code showing hibernation technique if anyone is serious in getting involved.

My original intent for these series, was to produce an entire product line (which I've done several already), build stock into the thousands on each type, build proper documentation and examples, then have a big slash launch. Well, business has been very busy, so I worry about being overwhelmed upon release.

If any of you would like to contact me, please do so privately, and we can move forward from there, but please...sincere and serious inquiries only.

Best regards,
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