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Messages posted by: dale-s
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Author Message
Any idea when these will be avalible on the site? If its still needed to email you with the orders could you give us a quick cost breakdown, they look very interesting!
I finally got around to testing my new shiny Anarduinos. Problem im having is they are both (2 of them) totally unresponsive. (before i get the "newb" reply's, ive got many Arduinos, several of the Moteinos and havnt had this problem).

When i power them, either via the ftdi header, vin, or 3.3v pin, i get no lights, flashing, steady or otherwise anywhere on either of the boards.
First i figured they might have had the bootloader compiled to not flash.. so i continued.

Programming with the FTDI yeilded various errors, all saying check connections, tried with 2 ftdi dongles, neither worked.
Moved onto trying with a usbasp, again check connections.
Moved onto trying with a usbtiny, again check connections.
Tryied usbtiny with external power to the anarduino to be sure, again check connections.

Droped Motenio into same connections as the anarduino on the last usbtiny try (with external power) and lights flashed, avrdude saw it instantly.

I double checked ALL solder joints all look ok. Supplying 12v to vin yeilds 3.3 on the 3.3v pin. The 3.3v on the atmega328 chip also shows 3.3v.
I probed all connections, all show correct (gnd pin to gnd on the atmega ect), all expected voltages are correct accross all the chips.

Im totally at a loss to what is going on, ive got my fingers crossed that somebody has a solution i didnt think of!

Apart from the whole not working bit, i love the idea of the anarduinos, more built in options for less cost then the Motenios! Now just to get it working!
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