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any updates?
I have the same issue.
chris wrote:My boards (Mini-WirelessHW-915Mhz) sleep at 23 uA.

You need to put the radio, spi flash and atmel to sleep.

See: http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/25/39.page#2886

I have only one Mini-WirelessHW-915Mhz which also sleep with the same current - about 20uA.
The others MCU sleep with >100uA with the same code.

I desoldered MEM chip and RTC chip - without changes - current in sleep the same 115uA or 0.10mA
I think issue with LDO but I can't bypass it and desolder it - I need use LiPo battery because of my sensors.

Probably setting all of unused pins to some right state (for example - OUTPUT and LOW) should help, but my research in this way does't success. I'm not sure which pins should be in what state.
Hello all.

I have 10 Anarduino MCU. I bought them in different time.
Some older MCU have that resistor that we need to de-solder for lower power consumption, some MCU are newer and already without this resistor.
I use all of these MCU in one project and I flushed all with the same firmware that put radio, spi, memory and atmel to sleep.
But every MCU show different power consumption.
And I never get power consumption less that 110uA even without any connected sensors etc.
If you take a look at this forum you will see that I post a lot of questions about power consumption in Anarduino.

The last try was a year ago when I decided ask these questions to Rick.
Unfortunately no answer.

So now I know at least one thing - all of my Anarduino's are different in terms of power consumption and I can't do more to fix it.
I wich that it will be fixed sometime, because I like this MCU, but now I need to find another MCU with LoRa module that will be better in power consumption.
select "arduino duemilanove or diecimila" and check again.
Thank you for your answer!

I also saw your other answer here:

But would you please clarify it in some details and confirm my next thoughts:

- so I can remove regulator and power MCU via VCC - can I use LiPo 1S battery? it provides nominally 3.7V (and fully charged ~ 4.25V) - is it possible to power MCU from such battery via VCC?

- would you please explain your code a bit? I suppose it is only setup section, right? If so - how do you run into sleep mode?

- how do you measure power consumption MCU powered from VCC? I can't measure it because my MCU every time reboots if I connected multimeter in mA and uA mode.
It works only if multimeter in A mode but it shows values like 0.01A which means 10mA and this is not what I want to check..
I can measure power consumption only if MCU powered via Vin.

I desoldered regulator from MCU and the same - MCU constantly reboots with multimeter connected.


I'm using RadioHead library for my Anarduino with LoRa module.
And one of my MCU restarts if I set (in setup block) in code TX power more that 17

part of simple code:

with such code I have strange behavior - MCU restarts every time when program tries to call sendtoWait function.
Also it restarts if I use recvfromAck.

I can debug it using these simple print serial output during setup and loop blocks.
If I set TX to 17 or more I can see in Serial console only output from SETUP block:

It means that MCU constantly restarts.

And if I lower TX power to 16 - I can see debug print from setup block and as well from loop block after call to RX-TX function.

It means that MCU called the RX-TX function and it successfully completed.

Other Anarduino MCU's (and Moteino R4) works ok even with TX power == 23.

Please advice..
any updates on this?

I'm also experience same issues with LoRa modules..

I have a two questions: I want to know definitely exact answer - which digital pins (from 2 to 13) can I use:

1) - for power my simple circuit, for example - thermosensor ?
I want set this pin to HIGH and I expect that I'll get 3.3 volt and it power my thermosensor etc, then I set pin to LOW and power should stop.

2) - for using in SoftSerial mode or for 1-wire - In my project I'm already using some pins for SoftSerial (3 and 5) and for 1-wire bus (6 and

During my tests I figured out that only pin number 7 works as I expected - it provides 3 volts in HIGH state and 0 volts on LOW state. I uses it for power my thermosensors.
So I decided to test all pins and check voltage in OUTPUT mode.
I have simple code to check it:

I start Anarduino with this code for every pin from 2 to 13 and check voltage with multimeter.
Here are the values that I received:

As far I understand, only pins 6, 7 and 8 can be used for powering.
pin 5 provides 0.165v in sleep mode so it seems it will consume some power in sleep mode. not good.

pin 9 - it is onboard LED - also consumes power in sleep mode.

pins 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 13 - have strange behavior and I can't use it for powering, but maybe some of these pins can be used for 1-wire or SoftSerial? For example I already using pin3 for SoftSerial RX.
But I'm not sure if I can use pins 9 - 13 - I have some doubts - seems they uses for SPI bus for connecting HopeRF LoRa module and if I choose some of that pins for powering my other circuit (mosfet key in my case) I think it lead to some issues with radio communication.

pin 12 also consumes in sleep mode.

Please advice.


There is a jumper on FTDI adapter - it switches power from 5v to 3v.
I've switched it to 3V mode and Anarduino started consume 0.11mA in sleep mode _with_ and _without_ FTDI adapter connected.

So now at least I know that Anarduino LoRa minimum power consumption is 0.11mA or 110uA.

Is there somebody who got lower values?
referring to new topic http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/120.page#2963
real power consumption of Anarduino LoRa (without FTDI adapter connected) is 0.11mA or 110uA.

So again - not 44uA but 110uA

I'm using Anarduino MiniWireless with LoRa module - http://www.anarduino.com/miniwireless/#

Anarduino powered from LiPo battery 4.2V to GND and Vin pins directly, also in this chain there is multimeter for measuring power consumption.

Also I've desoldered 10K pullup resistor as stetd here: http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/39.page#238 (is it really important for LoRa modules?)

Also Anarduino connected to FTDI-USB adapter, but without "Vcc" pin (only GND, CTS, TX, RX and DTR)
FTDI adapter connected to USB in my laptop and I can load program to Anarduino.

laptop -> USB -> FTDI(w/o Vcc) -> MCU[Anarduino] <- (A) -battery

Everything works ok.

I'm using this test code:

Code makes device sleep and this is my main goal - get the lowest power consumption in sleep mode.

Also this code works ok and my multimeter shows about 40uA of power consumption.
But if I disconnect FTDI adapter from Anarduino:

MCU[Anarduino] <- (A) -battery

- power consumption grows to 0.11mA! It is really not good for my device..

Note - all the digital and analog pins on Anarduino are disconnected and just floats so there no any reason to drain power.

I just don't understand - a lot of people say that they managed to get small power consumption around ~16uA but seems it just means that they measure power with FTDI adapter connected to USB?
I think this is useless.
We need such power consumption on battery powered variant.
I can't believe it.. there are a lot ? reports about devices that powered even from CR2032 and they work for years. How they work?

So I don't know what can I do next.
I just wonder if I'm only one who faced with this issue..
Because all who used these MCU have to disconnect Serial adapter from its device in usual mode. And as I see - it should lead to unexpectedly high energy consumption.
So why no one complains like me ?

I've desoldered memory chip and RTC chip - doesn't help.
power consumption in sleep mode still ~44uA
in datasheet to Spansion S25FL127S said:

page 13.
2.2.2 Known Differences from Prior Generations Deep Power Down
The Deep Power Down (DPD) function is not supported in FL-S family devices.
The legacy DPD (B9h) command code is instead used to enable legacy SPI memory controllers, that can
issue the former DPD command, to access a new bank address register. The bank address register allows
SPI memory controllers that do not support more than 24 bits of address, the ability to provide higher order
address bits for commands, as needed to access the larger address space of the 256-Mbit and 512-Mbit
density FL-S devices. For additional information see Extended Address on page 54.

so it is strange - why we use instruction flash.sleep() which is just starts command
#define SPIFLASH_SLEEP 0xB9 // deep power down
according to header of library SPIFlash.
this command shouldn't drive chip in sleep mode but it does - if I comment in my code this instruction - power consumption grows to 6mA instead 44.4uA _with_ this instruction!

Hello All.

Using this test code (from this topic http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/92.page):

I get 44.4uA on Anarduino with LoRa module and 4uA (!) on Moteino R4 with the same Lora module.

Don't know what the difference and how to fix Anarduino.

There is a suspicion that root cause maybe in memory flash chip, which is Spansion S25FL127S on Anarduino and WINBOND (W25X40CL) on Moteino.
This chip may consume such power in sleep mode.
But I'm not sure - in this forum is report:
that power consumtion can be "~16uA" but not ~45uA as in my case (I'm also desoldered this resistor).

So is there a good explanation why this happens and how to fix it ?


In my project I'm using LoRa module 915Mhz. There are two devices - remote server, which measure temperature and client device connected to Android phone via FTDI adapter and receive data from server.

I have successfully received data at range 1km.
and last RSSI was about -98 -100 which meant pretty bad connections I suppose.

Now I need put my server device even further - to 3 km.
I need advice - how to improve range. maybe I need use different antenna or maybe I need choose freq - 433Mhz.
Thank you in advance.
Hello Rick
Thank you for your answer.

Just want to clarify my situation - I want use coaxial cable because my device will be in box, and this box will be under snow layer about 2 meters.
So I need bring the antenna above this snow. And seems I need at least 2 meters of cable.

I just soldered to ANT and GND 3m of 50ohm TV cable and put on the end of this cable piece of wire ~8 cm. Seems everything works ok.
But need to test range..
Also I don't know if I need buy 2dBi antennas instead just piece of wire ~8cm length.

I need put my Anarduino+RF96 LoRa (915MHz) to remote place and I need install external antenna for it because device will be covered in case and located under snow.
So I need advice - which radio cable I need use to bring out the antenna.
Will be ok to use usual coaxial TV cable ?
50 or 75 Ohm ?
And how to solder it to device - central wire to ANT pin and shied to GND ?
And at the end of the cable I need make ~8cm wire ? Or solder connector and buy some special antenna for my freq - 915 Mhz ?
I need working range about 200-300m.

Thank you.
Try without flash chip soldered, if you have proper tools to remove it.

no, I have not such tools..
I run flash.sleep(); so I suppose it will be enough for save power.

They don't have to be powered all the time. Turn them on only when you need them.

I did it - I power sensors via pin 7, put it to LOW before sleeping and turn to HIGH before measurement.

Now I have 43-44uA in sleep mode with termosensors connected.
I think there no more variants to reduce power drain.

Thank you.
well, I've got some results:

I powered my Anarduino via USB-FTDI adapter, jumper set in 5V mode (in 3v mode my multimeter goes crazy and nothing works until I disconnect it from chain)

I've added SPIflash library and changed code:

// Enter power down state for 8 s with ADC and BOD module disabled
LowPower.powerDown(SLEEP_8S, ADC_OFF, BOD_OFF);
LowPower.powerDown(SLEEP_8S, ADC_OFF, BOD_OFF);

now I have 43-44uA in sleep mode.
no 16uA as mentioned here http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/39.page#238 but still not bad

maybe I need power my system via 3.3v power supply ? I definitely will need some battery for this, and connect it directly to Vcc instead Vin. Any reccomendation?

as for ~43uA - not bad.. but:
also I have 7 termosensors DS18B20 in my system. And if these sensors connected - power drain increases to 0.2mA in sleep mode.
need to do something to reduce this consumption in sleep mode time.

empeka wrote:radio module and spi flash have to be put to sleep before MCU

thank you, I've also read your answer in this topic http://forum.anarduino.com/posts/list/39.page
and hope that I will get the same power consumption as well

but do I have SPI flash on my Anarduino+RF96?
Also - if I do radio.sleep, it is strange but then power drain is increasing
RX device doesn't need sleep mode, and can wait some time for receiving data, so it's no big issue for my task.

Seems now everything works good except power consuming.
In sleep mode TX device consume about 0.9mA
but i've read that it possible get about ~16uA

I've also desoldered that resistor but it didn't help.

So I think something wrong with sleep mode.

Im using LowPower library:


How to put to sleep mode Anarduino+RF96 ?

I need my device sleeping and once in minute wakeup and send data.
Don't know how to do it.
Please advice.

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