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Messages posted by: SadE
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One month without updates
Some news ?
Could you post a schematic of the low power minireless module please, I'm really curious about your solutions for low power and if it fulfills my needs ?


Could you tell the truth please about the status of Anarduino web site and products.
You announced the new miniwireless for 5 january...
From the start of 2015, the ordering from the web site is deactivated .
But we can order using Ebay.
It's seems really strange to me, and I guess I'm not the only one
Could you give us please some facts/explanations ?
An interesting link at HackaDay concerning this problem :
Yeah I m using your library for high frequency so pin 5.
I have to use interrupt capture for timer 1 (0 is used by arduino core functions). The problem is that D5 is already used
as the slave select pin for flash memory. I think it could be a nice idea to remap the slave select on D4 . The alternate function s
of D4 are related to timer 0, so it will obviously be used as a standard digital out/in.
And then the timer 1 input capture , for frequency measurement for example, would be available.
thx Rick,
It seems it's arduino gcc version related. const keyword have to be added in order to use pragma PROGMEM for a const variable.
What Rime library are you're using for you miniwireless RTC library and example ?
I get the pjrc.com Time library , but it failed to compile. :-/
It's not a bug or HopeRF related.
It's just that if the bus has to be shared, specific considerations have to be made.
Because the communication of the HopeRF module with the AVR relies on a pin interrupt, It could interrupt an already engaged
SPI transaction of another device.

Here my comments :


Nice idea , but will be different antenna tuning or a SMA version ?
How many pins are accessible for user ?

- MiniWireless LP

Super cap is really nice.
There's one PMOS to switch all peripherals ?
What is you target price for the LP-HW ?

Ok ! I didn't understand because I looked at the schematic on miniwireless page
First , thanks for you detailed answer.

So I guess my FTDI basic 3.3V is dead , I'll waiting for a new one in the next days :-/
You told 5V can be use for programming . But on the 69HW datasheet , the max operating voltage for the RF module is 3.6V and the absolute power voltage is 3.9V.
Could 5V really used without destroy the RFM69 ?

Concerning the overclocking , nice to get data that confirms it can be done without trouble !

And for the internally 5V , I say : stay with 3.3V ! Wireless module (at least for me) are mostly battery power. First, low voltages is more efficient , and LiPO/Li Ion
battery can be used directly .

Could you say more about the next generation of miniwireless, the hardware structure (with 50nA of hibernation current Oo) . Please tease us !


Moreover I saw the 328P is not stated to work with 3.3V at 16Mhz.
It could work , maybe in 90% of cases, or could work at 25°C and not a 0° ...
An answer from the designer is widely expected !
Or maybe I need to add some entries in the boards.txt file ?

Does the Minireless is loaded with a specific bootloader ?
I cannot upload any sketch to it (all the 3 boards I have) .
At startup, the led is blinking about ten times, then blinking every 2 seconds forever.
I'm using the FTDI basic (3.3V) from Sparkfun, and the DTR line seems to be driven correctly (the unit is rebooted during the upload try).
The IDE is returning :
avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00


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