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Messages posted by: Charly86
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Hi There,

Despite reading datasheet that seems common for these Lora modules, is someone able tell me what are the difference between those modules (except Frequency 315/422/868/915 of course) ?

I need to get some aat 433MHz and I don't know if I need RFM98 or RFM96, so any explanation would really help me.



This is a great news. I'm still wondering what kind of voodoo magic you used to have consumption so low (50nA whoooo). I'm impatient to see schematics

Just one question, may be I missed something, but if all 4 nodes in parallel in hibernation consume 1.2µA total, may be I'm wrong but this means each consume 1.2µA/4 so 300nA.

Just saw the update of the product, and I'm really excited to see that

By the way I still do not understand by what kind of magic voodoo did you succeeded to have idle mode < 50nA

I'm waiting for the release to increase my knowledge.

Nice work guys.

Excellent idea, I never think it could work, only one in sync response, what a nice trick and idea

By the way I received these 7 ports USB hub with switch on each port. works amazing !!!!! even better of all I tested that do some disconnect on FTDI very often, never happened with this one, so happy, thank for the tip.
Hi guys,

Using another powering technique for low power, you can read the following article on next gen ULPNode currently under testing with success. Some explanation are also given on Low Power customization done on bootloader.
Thank you for your support, I sent you a PM about this.
Great job guys

Take care that the great radiohead library does not support RFM12B, so may be it won't work with them (your code, may be not the wireless programming since it's not done by radiohead lib)

As soon as the lib will support RFM12B I think I will move to it , I could port RFM12B on it but I have no time for this now.


I've got a question question for you
How do you intend to power your low power node, by cell coin or AA/AAA with booster ?
If cell coins, did you noticed any problem with internal resistance of the coins which prevent sending data when voltage is coming from approx 2.6V or does your supercap is doing the job to avoid voltage drop other the internal resistor ?

Humm I bought my module before this post, too late for me

I Should have read this before, today I tried to plug RFM69HCW in place of RFM12B but noticed the pinout was different (thanks now it's printed on PCB)

Sometimes marketing drive me nuts or I'm thinking reverse of majority people !!!!

RFM69W -> Replace RFM12B but with pinout different : Ok got it
RFM69HW -> same as RFM69W + more output power (so Replace also RFM12B but with pinout different from RFM12B but same as RFM69W) : Ok got it

Ok then they introduced letter C for compatibility
RFM69CW -> Replace RFM12B with same pinout as RFM12B : Ok got it
RFM69HCW -> Replace RFM22 !!!!!

What sometimes they think ?

RFM69W and RFM69HW are the same pinout/function (H indicate High Power)
RFM69CW and RFM69HCW are the same function but NOT THE SAME pinout (H indicate High Power)

So I've got some RFM69HCW that I can't do nothing because my PCB are not sized for them

I'm in EU so if someone wants 4 RFM69HCW drop me a PM
Hi guys,

Discovered TH02 sensor on this site when I ordered RF modules.

This sensor is pretty cool and seems to work perfectly. I tested it with no problems.

I just wrote an arduino library with sample code to use this sensor, you can have more information on my blog


Have fun and let me know if you encounter any issues
Hi Rick,
Whoooo, it is very interesting because I'm also working on ultra low power arduino nodes. I would like to know how can you achieve 50nA in hirbernation mode, since until you don't put atmega in total power down sleep mode you can't have less than 3/4 uA consumption. I imagine you wake up the 328 with external interrupt (from RTC or RF ?) and you power down rf module using a mosfet like when you do not need it, is that true ?
I'm just curious because I think we're working on same things, I orderd an ucurrent gold to be able to measure low current even if I made one myself with other technique but it does not feet all my needs.
I've already done this low power but my technique (2 ways, one with dedicated wakeup chip, other with dc-booster enabeld only when vdd reach 2V then charge a 10uF caps that maintain idle mode). But wih this I was between 100 and 200 nA in total power down mode.

By the way, ordered lot of module in your shop, always fine. Nice to buy in your shop.

Let me know even if you want tester for your new module, I can help if you need.

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