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Messages posted by: rdww60
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mirmit wrote:Sorry for the delay coming back to the forum.

It seems the issue is more on flashing than OptiBoot code itself. I can direct you to http://miscellany.bouillot.org/post/103629247675/travel-in-arduinos-bootloader-land where I explain the cooking part on bootloader.

Given the address 0x7800, I suspect some fuse issue.

could you run - adjusted to your own config, especially the port to use and paths

The output should be

This should match the values set in makefile.custom and board.txt

Thanks for the reply! I'll give this a shot a reply with the results.
w1ll14m wrote:
rdww60 wrote:
mirmit wrote:Hi,

It's been a while since I last used my arduino as ISP to program the miniwireless boards. I also killed one or two boards with experimenting. Arduino as ISP is very unreliable so I decided to buy this

Also it is important that you set your fuses correctly.

Thank you! Just ordered one, I'd rather not have the unreliable variable.
mirmit wrote:Hi,

I've published my port of DualOptiboot onto OptiBoot v6.

The code is accessible at https://github.com/abouillot/DualOptiboot6.

Other changes in the support libraries are the Flash Erasing, to be made by 4K pages, as Spanion chip doesn't support 32K block erase.

Be sure to adjust the low fuse to DE, instead of default FF for most arduino boards, to correctly flash after reboot.

The code still needs optimisation, especially on size side

Hi mirmit,
I am trying to do the same in that I would like to be able to re-program the bootloader in Anarduino MiniWireless like lowpowerlab Moteino/MoteinoMega.
I'm doing this in Windows.
I see this post is quite a bit older than the latest update you have to GitHub.
I pulled a copy of your library and added the #define ANARDUINO 1 for Anarduino MiniWireless.
I downloaded IDE 1.5.6r2 as it is the last with the \hardware\tools\avr\utils folder with make in it.
I can build omake.bat miniwireless no problem.
When I use omake.bat miniwireless_isp using same com port I have issues. Prior to running,
* I have updated boards.txt,
* Loaded up an UNO with ArduinoISP sketch,
* Placed pull-ups on target for Reset, D5 & D10 (RGM69HW radio on miniwireless)
* Programmer Arduino as ISP
* Selected Anarduino MiniWireless from Boards menu

What I get, is a verification error at 0x7800.
I get this on multiple parts.
It looks like I've bricked one already trying this.
I thought I'd check with you before going further, and verify that you in fact were able to make this work on an Andarduino MiniWireless, and able to re-program over the air. Is this true?
Maybe you see a step I'm missing?

Thanks for your time and help..
So is the Mega1284 available on the Web site? I can't locate it. I also just sent email about mini-wireless, but the Mega1284 is of more interest to me. How would I go about placing an order?
Thanks in advance!

Rick wrote:Greetings,
These devices are ready now, both the Miniwireless and Mega1284 lower versions.
They are available for rfm69HW and W type radios.

- very low quiescent module hibernation capable: <55nA
- support for RFM69HW and RFM69W radio types
- RTC with crystal
- 128Mb flash memory
- SMA connector (included, but not attached)
- onboard support for battery backup supercap (supports two types, both SMD mounted on board, and easily soldered)
- NOTE: battery backup supercap is optional. we have them in stock and happy to sell them at cost. no included by default, because we need to support customers who do no desire RTC option.

Let me know if you have questions.
Pricing for low power MW, very close to original MW.
Pricing for mega a bit higher.
I'm working on the specifics now, and plan to post soon.

If you want to buy them now, just let me know what you need and I can send an invoice.
We have hundreds build, tested, and ready to ship.

Best Regards,
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