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Messages posted by: greg in kansas
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I have been looking also.
Where can we get these?
When will the new board be for sale?
Rick wrote:Yes, Pro 5V atmega328 should work fine.
As for burning a bootloader, it should be straightforward using a SPI-arduino type bootloader example sketch. Beware however, if you have an older miniwireless, you need to guard against SPI contention during bootload, as it is a shared bus. The older miniwireless does not have a chipselect pullup on the SPI memory or SPI radio, so it is important to give these two GPIO's at least a weak pullup so there is no SPI contention during bootloading. Let us know which bootloader you are using. We need to update our default bootloader, but would like to hear suggestions from our customers as to the preferred choice. I think Papa has some decent traction going on with wireless bootloading, and it might be good to target this bootloader---especially if it can be supported by some default Arduino IDE board selection. If not, then I suppose it's still okay with clear instruction for customers. Thanks for your forum participation.

Rick we moved to here. We had to add a Arduino IDE board selection for the miniwireless. But the new loader is worth it. Wireless programing from a winGUI. Also are the 433 coiled antenna's for sale?
Shipping on all my orders has been fast.
JimKernsJr and Papa do you want to start and compare notes on wireless programing?
JimKernsJr so far I have not been able to burn a new bootloader what did you use?

The lower row of pics are HW.
The schematic is right also.
on this
-according to the wiring diagram, only VIN pin goes through the MCP 1703?? Even the programming header is tied to VCC which should have been 3.3v. Think I screwed up the radio now too?

Upload a test to check the radio, if no go I would call it toast

This is a clue?
Move my FTDI to the serial port, and he's talking!

"-Again, if he's 3.3v, how on earth is it 16mhz? I thought that would be a stability problem. "
Right, its out of speck "I think" but works solid I have ten nodes going

use this one for a prg that does not change? if the radio works.

Keep the FTDI on 3V

Then again Paypal just had my last order send to the wrong address
I bet the bootloader is ok I have done tons of stupid stuff and never lost one.
"crappy FTDI" I use Ricks no problems. driver?

From the bootloader thread
When isp flashing the miniwireless take care to add two 10k resistors at D5 and D10. This is needed to deselect the Flash and the RFM from SPI. If you don't do this you will get verification errors.
Tools > Processor > ATmega328 3.3V 8 MHz

to this
Tools > Processor > pro mini 5V 16 MHz
Me also, I have been watching this to.
Thanks, I think I am going to try wireless programing.
You seem to know a lot about the boards. What I did is to order a board with the RFM12B instead of the HW like the others I have. Can I put the CW in place of the 12B that I got by mistake?

Thanks Greg
Do the miniwireless boards have the Optiboot bootloader in them stock?

Strength, I was thinking mechanical. But my homemade shields are working with it floating.
Ok, thanks must be soldered for strength. I did not see it on the schematic either.

Just so I am clear the reset on the miniwireless board goes to the RFM 69 also right? if so I need to run this to the reset on whatever board I use for the extra radios I have.

I did forget to get the Anarduino-FTDI is it in stock?

Hi, I just got 2 miniwireless boards and 2 RFM69HW radios. My question is on the miniwireless boards the reset is soldered but the Schematic does not show it connected. Do I need to connect it to work with the library?

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